Speaker John Boehner

Washington, DC - On October 29th, 2015 - I met with Mr. John Boehner at the House of Representatives. As usual Mr. Boehner was a gracious gentleman. Throughout the legislative process of the H.R. 1726 the Speaker was very supportive of our efforts and he changed the house rules so that all participating CGM legislative bills to include the BCGM could be awarded. The BCGM legislation was the last bill to pass his desk and he was in full support of the legislation. In the hearts of all Borinqueneer supporters there will be a special place for Mr. John Boehner of Ohio and Speaker of the House of Representatives for the class of 112th, 113th and 114th. He has been a great leader for public education, veterans, and Borinqueneers. Today as Mr. John Boehner address the House of Representatives he stated "Real Change Takes Time".

I have worked in Washington DC since 1992; I have seen Speakers from both parties. Mr. John Boehner will have a special place in the hearts of Borinqueneers, changed "House" rules to accommodate our Borinqueneers and other Congressional Gold Medals. Below are two letters that explain our gratitude for Mr. Boehner's service as the Speaker of the Borinqueneers and our community. Please convey this message to all supporters of the BCGM.

Honor Et Fidelitas

Sam Rodriguez