Questions & Answers

(This page is a work in progress, it will be updated as information and data is officially presented to the BCGM Committee directly by the US Congress Representatives)

Q: What is the Congressional Gold Medal?

     A: The Congressional Gold Medal is the nation’s highest CIVILIAN award bestowed to an individual or group of people. It is equivalent to the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


Q: Will the Veterans/Members of the 65th Infantry Regiment receive a Congressional Gold Medal individually?

    A: No. This is a Unit Award.  There is only one Congressional Gold Medal authorized to be minted by US Congress, and to be exhibited in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C.  The Public Law 113-120 does NOT authorized for individual replicas to be awarded to the Veterans.


Q: Why we keep on hearing on the media, we are going to get a medal?

     A: Regrettably, there is a lot of misinformation by individuals and organizations that even though proclaim to be the procuring cause of this award, continue to spread these type of news without consulting the proper organizations and duly appointed people, making with or without malicious intent a fracas of this cause, hence the creation of the BCGM CNC.


Q: Why is so important to contact, listen and contribute with; the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee?

     A: The BCGM CNC was created by Sam Rodriguez, Officially appointed by the US Congress to be Design Team Liaison for the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal.  He earned the respect of the Congressional Representatives, as well as US Mint, Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee and Center Fine Arts by making one to the most detail and inclusive CGM Reports ever made. In addition he step up to the plate, and accepted to continue with the tradition of other CGM Liaisons to execute remaining stages of the BCGM including: Ceremony & Medal Tour Planning, as well as creating a Non-profit organization for these purpose; The BCGM CNC.


Q: How can the Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee help the Borinqueneers?

     A: By making fundraising efforts to cover for the Veterans Bronze Replica Medals, and provided funds are available, will cover for those Veterans in need of financial aid to help with travel expenses to attend to the unveiling ceremony in Washington, DC


Q: Does any of the Members of the BCGM CNC are remunerated or otherwise make any financial gain from the funds raised?

     A: NONE whatsoever… They are all Volunteers and each one of them has a personal reason and mission that surpasses monetary income.  They are composed of current and ex-military Veterans, siblings of living, fallen and departed Borinqueneers.


Q: How can the Borinqueneers get a replica medal?

     A: If funds are not raised to cover for a replica bronze medal for the Veterans, there is always the option of purchasing it directly at the US Mint website, to include the public.


Q: I want my Borinqueneer to be recognized, where can I get my family member’s military records to confirm his service with the 65th Infantry Regiment?

    A: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/  (FILL OUT FORM SF-180)

DISCLAIMER: We are not a veteran’s service organization. It is the sole responsibility of the Veteran or Family member to procure such documents


Q: Which members of the 65th Infantry Regiment qualifies for the Congressional Gold Medal? 

     A: The 65th Infantry Regiment “Borinqueneers” Congressional Gold Medal legislation honors all service members of the 65th Infantry Regiment since its inception and deactivation (1899-1956) including posthumously; Fallen, MIA, POW, Departed and of course living.  They are all recognized with this award, but replica medals purchased through the BCGM CNC will be prioritized to be given to the living Borinqueneers, and as funds are available will include posthumously.  Information will be updated on this regard as our efforts begin to be fruitful.


Q: When will the BCGM be fabricated and when it will be presented?

     A: The Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal is currently (October 2015) under fabrication.  The Speaker of the House will then schedule an official date, hopefully by early 2016, since the current 2015 CGMs schedules were filled by other CGMs that were queued for production and presentation prior to the Borinqueneers’ CGM.  There is neither special treatment nor delay in production.  Many factors are considered when medals go into production to include; how many CGMs are approved and minted in a calendar year.  Each CGM is treated with the same level of decorum, respect and honor without exception.


Q: How much will it cost to purchase the medal through the US Mint directly?

     A: A price has not been set, but based on current CGM of other Individuals and Groups the costs are: $39.95 for 3” Bronze Replica and $6.95 for 1.5” Bronze Replica.  In addition gift boxes for presentation are available and of course shipping and handling. (See www.usmint.gov for details)



Taking under consideration space limitation, time constraint, and funds raised to cover for those living Borinqueneers in need of financial aid to assist the ceremony, we will like to all living Veterans to assist, to include Next of Kin for those no longer with us.  This is the reality:


Q: Only LIVING 65th vets?

     A: Due to space constraint, we are prioritizing living Borinqueneers first.

Q: Those who served with the 65th Infantry Regiment in attached units?  (who consider themselves part of the 65th - the Nisei Congressional medal included units attached to the Nisei)

     A: This is a unit award All members of the 65th Infantry Regiment that served from 1899 to 1956 are recognized through this legislation.  If the proper documentation (DD214, SF 20, etc.) shows service with the 65th Infantry Regiment it is recognized as well. 


Q: Those from the 65th who were killed or missing in action in Korea (a family rep to be invited)?

     A: While our intentions are to include everyone related to Borinqueneers, we will need to consider prioritizing living Borinqueneers first due to space constraints, then provided space availability we will utilize military protocols


Q: Those from the 65th who were killed or missing in action in World War II (a family rep to be invited)?

     A: Not for the Washington Ceremony


Q: Those 65th vets who are deceased (a family rep to be invited)?  Would it include ONLY those 65th vets who served in Korea (or from any time period as long as they were in the 65th?

     A: Living Borinqueneers are a priority, and is contingent upon space availability.


Q: Those 65th vets who have died since Pres. Obama approved the BCGM legislation last June?

     A: This specific group since the Borinqueneers whom passed got to see the law signed, it will be only morally prudent to invite the Next of Kin, provided it show evidence that he/she is the next of kin.