The Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Award Ceremony Sunday December 18, 2016

Washington - December 5, 2016, - In collaboration with the City of Kissimmee through the steadfast leadership of Vice-Mayor Wanda Rentas to recognize Borinqueneers will be held on Sunday December 18, 2016. Major General Marta Carcana, the Adjutant General of Puerto Rico will be travel to the City and participate at the ceremony. Major General Carcana made historic when she became the first lady to be appointed at the Adjutant General of Puerto Rico. Today soldiers of the Puerto Rico National Guard are deployed in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Honduras and soon more than 250 additional soldiers will be deploying as well.

Originated in Puerto Rico in 1899, members of the 65th Infantry Regiment known as the Borinqueneers have the distinction of having participated in all global wars of the 20th Century, including World War I, World War II and the Korean War. In addition to the Congressional Gold Medal, the Regiment earned a collective nine Distinguished Service Crosses, approximately 250 Silver Stars, more than 600 Bronze Stars, more than 2,700 Purple Hearts, and 15 Unit Citations for its extraordinary service to the Nation during the Korean War.

In an effort to further awareness and recognition of these national heroes and their achievements, the not-for-profit Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee (BCGMCNC) was created. This is scheduled to be the last ceremony of 2016 associated with the unveiling ceremony that took place in April 13th in Washington, DC.

The group's founder and CEO, Samuel Rodríguez, was chosen to collaborate with the US Mint on the design of the medal which was be given to the SmithsonianInstitute. Since then. the BCGMCNC and other volunteer organizations have been paying tribute to Borinqueneers across the nation.

"In accordance with Public Law No: 113-20, a single gold medal has been struck to honor the Borinqueneers," said Rodríguez. "But we think that each member deserves their own medal. The law does not provide additional funding to provide replicas to the veterans. Despite Borinqueneers are leaving us everyday, we are working to honor them as fast as our available funds permit us to do so. There are still living veterans throughout the United States, and, thanks to the Puerto Rico National Guard and the City of Kissimmee we are working to recognize our Borinqueneers. However, we still need funds for the rest so that no veteran is left out."

While the BCGMCNC was originally established as a way to enhance the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony by adding events and activities for the Borinqueneers and their families and to raise funds for the replica medals, Rodríguez sees a greater purpose. "These veterans deserve recognition and our great Nation needs to be educated about them," said Rodríguez. "Through educating people about their courage and heroism, we are carrying on their legacy and hopefully inspiring others to follow in their footsteps."
Donations are currently being accepted at http://www.gofundme.com/65thBCGMCNC.

About the BCGMCNC
The Borinqueneers Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony National Committee (BCGMCNC) is a national non-profit organization committed to honoring and celebrating all of the members of the U.S. Army's 65th Infantry Regiment known as the Borinqueneers, including those that are Missing in Action, Prisoners of War, Fallen, Departed and Living from 1899 - 1956 by: Paying tribute to the Veterans; Promoting their legacy; and Educating the public. To learn more about the BCGMCNC visit http://www.bcgmceremony.org