The primary goal of our organization is to support and enhance the efforts of the U.S. Congress to honor living Borinqueneers as possible by helping them attend the official congressional ceremony in the U.S. Capitol where their Congressional Gold Medal will be formally unveiled and presented, ensuring that each of them in attendance receives a bronze duplicate of the medal free of cost. The BCGMC will also seek to hold a post-ceremony reception for the Borinqueneers and their families.  It is the desire of the Committee to extend this opportunity to the families of those Borinqueneers; fallen, MIA and departed, pending venue capacity (TBD) and funding availability.


After Congress holds the presentation ceremony the custody of the medal will be given to the Smithsonian Institution so that it can be placed on public display at one of its museums in Washington, DC. However, since many Borinqueneers and their families may not have access to seeing the gold medal in person at the Smithsonian the BCGMC will also seek to coordinate a tour so that the medal may be displayed at other appropriate locations associated with the 65th Infantry Regiment, including in Puerto Rico. The purpose of the tour will be to allow as many Borinqueneers as possible to see their medal in person, to give them a duplicate medal free of cost, and hold receptions in their honor. The tour will also allow the medal to be placed on public display so that as many viewers as possible can learn about the history and significance of the Borinqueneers. 


Throughout all of its efforts the BCGMC will seek to raise national awareness about the Borinqueneers so that their legacy and many contributions to our Nation are known throughout the United States.


Events in Washington, DC 

(Date To Be Determined by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives)


Before the Official Ceremony

·         Morning Service at Ft. Myers Chapel

·         Wreath Presentation at the Borinqueneers Memorial & Tomb of Unknown Soldier Memorial in Arlington Cemetery 

·         Wreath Presentation at Korean War Memorial at the National Mall


Official Ceremony at U.S. Capitol

·         Hosted by the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (By Invitation)


After the Official Ceremony

·         Reception for Borinqueneers (By invitation)


Medal Tour

To be determined…